Project 10 Podcast Finally Launched!

Project 10 podcast

Project 10 Podcast Finally Launched!

So, after about a year I’ve finally reached the point where I can share my brand new podcast series – The Project 10 podcast series. 

It’s a 10 part series, documentary style, covering a range of topics that I find interesting and who knows, you might too.

The first 2 episodes of the Project 10 Podcast series are live right now in iTunes, Podbean and wherever you get your podcasts from.

Episode one is about legalising drugs as a method to reduce violent crime (Yea sorry, it’s not really a comedy podcast at all.) On it I speak to a former crack cocaine dealer turned NYPD police chief. Corey Pegues has a fascinating story, here’s a short clip below from the episode:

David McWilliams features on it along with an expert economist on prohibition era America and Dr Johnny Connolly, who conducted a major study into the illicit drugs market in Ireland.

So please, go check it out and if you like it if you could spread the word and leave a review on iTunes that would be a help.

The podcast is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you can check out the website too.

The second podcast episode revolves around the growing area of influencer marketing. I speak to doctors, psychologist, influencers and more about the entire industry. I try figure out what they do, do they make much money and what is our obsession with controlling human behaviour.

You can subscribe to the email list too, the episodes won’t be exactly regular, they can take a long time to produce and edit, so by signing up you’ll be notified first when they go live.

Anyway, hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think!