The Government Should Keep The Vaccine From The Public

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The Government Should Keep The Vaccine From The Public

The government should keep the vaccine from the public. For a while anyway. I know it sounds mental. Deprive the country of moving forward, freeing ourselves from these depressing lockdowns and being able to go back for a pint/movie/gig. Just hear me out.

In short, if you prevent people from having a life saving treatment, the conspiracy theorists will then enact the “tHeY hAv d cuRe nd R nt giVn it to d puBlic” narrative. This, by default, gets them onboard with the science at least.

You won’t change their minds. They need a new enemy to fight/overthrow/expose.

Opposite Land

Conspiracy Theorists and anti vaxxers live in opposite land. They always choose the polar opposite to the status quo. And they are the most confident and convinced people on the planet.

Whether it’s paranoa, unrestrained worry or down right delusion about the interdimensional reptilian shapeshifters who want to control all of mankind from the 4th dimension, they will find a villian and oppose it. They know the truth. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.


They may not be qualified virologists, but they are fantastic storytellers who can grip most people’s imaginations and create doubt. And doubt seeps in and spreads. Conspiracy is always a better story than scientific development. It’s more compelling, emotional and dramatic. It has villains, enemies and struggles for righteousness.

The vaccination is the next target. They have refused masks and public health advice and could be back on the road to a normal life, but rest assured, they will be protesting the vaccines and claiming it is part of a global elitist agenda to control your mind.

They watched 3 YouTube videos. They know more than you and every scientist on the planet, who is clearly in on this too.


So, how do you fight fire? With more fire.

Keep the vaccination from the public. Get all the politicians and celebs vaccinated and then leak that fact. Thankfully, Ireland has a solid leaker, so this should not be an issue.

Facts will not work to convince conspiracy theorists. Data will not work. Evidence will not work. All of those things can be “manipulated”. DONT U KNO NE TING!.

The only thing that will work is a new, crazier narrative: The government has the vaccine and are refusing to give it to the people of Ireland because they are saving it for themselves. They want half the population to die so they can enact their globalist agenda and enslave the rest of the people.

Those remaining will then be offered up as sacrifices to the interdimensional shapeshifters, who want to have interalien sex to create another hybrid humanoid offshoot, which will then be forced to work as slaves mining resources on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Do you want this for your children?! No then rise up!