Republic of Telly | Every Christmas Ever

Republic of Telly | Every Christmas Ever

Republic of Telly? You a fan?

I have to admit, I lol’d at a good few of the lines in this latest one and in fairness to show, they have been getting nearly one viral video out of each episode, which ain’t too shabby at all. In fact, that’s pretty impressive.

They’ve had a bit of an overhaul front and back. New presenters and new writers joined the production to help mix things up.

This “Every Christmas Ever” latest is a collection of everything that ever happens over the course of a xmas period in Ireland – although they did leave out the awkward family meet ups, where you have to pretend you like the in laws of the in laws, even though they smell, are drunk by 2pm Xmas day and often have innapropriate “banter” with your siblings.

Anyway, enjoy the video 😉