RECIPE: How To Make A Banana For Breakfast

Banana Recipe Breakfast

RECIPE: How To Make A Banana For Breakfast

So, as I mentioned on my Instagram stories a few days ago, I said I’d do a recipe for a breakfast banana up here, so you can follow along and hopefully be able to prepare the same meal. 

Bananas are a quick and easy way to get some healthy and nutritious food into your diet and don’t require much prep at all. On the weekend I like to bulk prep my bananas, as it’s a handy snack to grab on the go, especially if you’re a busy working professional.

So follow along below. All the ingredients and directions are listed.


1x banana.


Eat a banana.

So there you go. A simple recipe for a breakfast banana most people can do at home that shouldn’t take up much of your time. Follow along for more healthy tips and tricks and let me know if there are any other breakfast recipes that you would like me to cover.

I might do one soon on preparing an apple for breakfast, or maybe something more complex like organising an entire bowl of cereal.

Hit me up on Instagram if you want more info or would like to suggest some other recipes you’d like help with.