How To Increase Your Passive Aggressiveness in Emails

passive aggressive emails

How To Increase Your Passive Aggressiveness in Emails

How can you increase your passive aggressiveness, especially when it comes to your email correspondence? Rather than deal with people head on and engage in useful, healthy confrontation, it’s much better to skirt around the issue and continue to practice a destructive pattern of conflict avoidance.

So then, how can you step up your communication skills in this area and continue to use awkward fake laughs to cover up your rage?

Use these excellent examples that people on Twitter replied to me during the week. This carefully researched responses will be all you need to take your passive aggressiveness to the next level and have people wondering when you are finally going to snap and set your office on fire.

1: With The Greatest Of Respects

Opening your email with “the greatest of respects” just sounds angry in your head when you read it, doesn’t it? On the surface, it’s made to seem nice and genuine, it even has the word respect in the sentence. Thankfully everyone will know that you mean absolutely no respect at all. They will almost see the throbbing vein in the side of your head from this one simple phrase.


As Per My Last Email

This came in a few times. It is screaming READ THE FUCKING EMAIL I SENT YOU LAST WEEK YOU ABSOLUTE MORON, but it’s much restricted. The sentiment is the same however.

A Gentle Nudge

3 simple words that pack a huge punch. This powerful suggestions from Paul is a quick and easy one you can start to use right aware to become far more bitter with your emails.

Not To Sound Too Pushy On This

A slight variation on the previous one, however this one steps it up a notch by including the word “pushy” in this. Although it is phrased in the negative, which helps keep to our conflict avoidant pattern, we can’t go much further than this without going full blown aggressive. Use this one with care.

I’m Not One To Complain

You are one to complain, but you don’t want to admit it. Or face the issue head on. This is another clear signal that you are moaning your hole off and need something done about it, but you’re usually a sound, nice bloke who doesn’t get worked up to easy.

I mean you do, but let’s not admit that.

So these are some examples you can use in your everyday emails that can help you become far more passive aggressive than ever before. It’s such a good skill to have. It’s like sitting in a house that is burning down and telling yourself it’s fine, not asking for help and not doing anything specific to put the flames out. Lovely.

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