Did Dragon’s Den Star Gavin Duffy Invest In These 2 Business Gems?

Dragon's Den RTE Gavin Duffy and Cormac Moore

Did Dragon’s Den Star Gavin Duffy Invest In These 2 Business Gems?

Dragon's Den RTE Gavin Duffy and Cormac MooreDragon’s Den star Gavin Duffy popped into the show during the week to promote the latest series – 930pm Sunday RTE 1 – but obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pitch him in some genius life changing business opportunities.

Did he bite? Let’s have a look at the ideas that I pitched into him live on the air.

Bonus points for added live pitching.


SoBeardMe.ie is a website that sells men beard extensions made from the manes of champion stallions.

Using the same technology and crippling insecurities that make women want to have a fuller and thicker head of hair, beard extensions do the same. Just for your face.

The idea actually came to me after I’ve noticed that the left hand side of my chin can’t really grow hair at the same rate as the rest of my face.

I’ve a beard bald spot. Fucking mortifying.

And if beard bald spots are not the problem, not being able to grow facial hair is another huge problem affecting many men. Especially my mate Danny.

So, here’s the ad for SoBeardMe.ie:

Investment: €150k

Equity offering: 15%

Expected ROI: LOADS!

Did he invest?


Dream Stream

Idea number 2 time. Have you ever awoke from a dream and been infuriated that you can’t remember exactly what it was? Or have you ever wanted to invite your friends to share in your dreams with you while you all sleep?

Right now, there’s a gap in the market for this type of unconscious social media interaction. Dream Stream allows you to record your dreams in HD video, invite your friends to join you and lets you share those magic moments online afterwards.

Gavin had some concerns. Mainly about what explicit content people might be dreaming about that would get shared. But I’m sure in later versions of this app, there could be safey/parental controls added.

Investment: €250k

Equity: 10%

ROI: A Shit Ton.

Since this type of technology doesn’t actually exist yet, this one needs a larger cash injection up front. Gavin was impressed, about from some concerns.

Did he invest?

Well, again, no.

Back to the drawing board for now. You can listen back to him on Fully Charged below, one of our best guests in a very long time.

And again, the latest series of Dragon’s Den airs on Sunday nights, RTE 1, 930pm.