Below are a collection of sites that I like and recommend. Always looking to add to the list with good sites. If you’d like to be added drop me a line. Cormac[at]


Project 10 Podcast – My documentary style podcast series. Drugs, influencers, robots and more.

The Potato. My online satirical newsite, updated daily by myself and loads of other funny people.

Foil Arms and Hog. Fantastic comedy sketch group based in Dublin. run by Christian Talbot. Runs an excellent comedy podcast for anyone interested in any aspect of the industry.

Sminky Shorts. Just fucking hilarious.

Final Boss Media. Chris Greene and Peter Ganley’s YouTube channel that has produced some of the best viral hits in recent times.

Comedy Ireland. It’s a website, about all things comedy in Ireland.

The Naughty Nomad – It’s Lonely Planet, with sex, drugs and Mexican pirates.