8 of The Most Annoying Things People Are Doing On Snapchat

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8 of The Most Annoying Things People Are Doing On Snapchat

I’m just going to throw this out there: I. Hate. Snapchat.

I know I shouldn’t. I understand it’s quickly grown to become one of the most important social media platforms around – It has over 100m active daily users and 4 billion video views per day. That’s the same amount as Facebook. 

(Wonder how many of those views are of dick pics?)

Myself and Daniella talked about this on Spin during the week and I know I’m on a road to obsolescence with this opinion, but that’s something I’m going to have to come to terms with on my own.

However, I can’t stand it. And it’s not to do with the potential of the platform itself, it’s because of the utter tripe people are posting on it.

It seems like a barren wasteland of the most uncreative ideas ever from some of the most psychotic narcissists out there. (For fun, check out the traits of a psychopath and try discern them from a ‘Top Snapchatter’)

I know you’re going to tell me to “just stop following people I don’t like”.

No. What would have I have to complain about then?

And it’s never a good idea to ignore the social problems of the day. If we did that back in 1916 and just didn’t let emperial rule bother us, we wouldn’t have reclaimed our indepence, (Only to hand that back over to the EU in 1973. ?)

Anyway, here are 8 of the most annoying things people are doing on Snapchat IMO. And I know it’s not trendy to complain, but you’re not allowed ‘Cynic Shame’ me, because that makes you a dirty racist.

1: Not Being Able To Count to 10


Apparently it’s a large challenge for many people to count to 10 on Snapchat. The videos tried to help by putting a tiny little circle in the corner to give you a heads up, but it’s not working.

Talking over the end of the 10 second video and having to repeat yourself on the next one on your story. And doing this continuously?!

Does my fucking head in.

2: Videoing Your Feet


There’s more technology in your hand than there was in the Apollo space shuttle that successfully landed man on the moon and the only thing you can think to do with it, is video your feet walking on a path?


3: Branded Microphone Selfies


This is just on for my radio friends, but taking a selfie after carefully positioning the branded microphone or station logo into your shot?!

Wow. Mind blowing.

(Sorry Crossy…)



This is the most annoying overused phrase on Snapchat. Said in the exact same boring tone and intonation by everyone. Mother of christ change it up.

Followed by “Happy [Insert day]”.

Oh and little tip, people use Snapchat on their own. There’s no point saying “Hey you guys” when people are engaging by themselves.

Snapchat is very much an individual thing. People consume on their own, not in large groups waiting on your every word.

So, maybe “Hey you guy” could be an alternative option.

5: Snapchatting In The Gym

snapchat selfie gym

If you can Snapchat in the gym, you’re doing the gym wrong.

And who really wants to see your sweaty hole up close and personal? I don’t care if you’re getting your gym sessions for free “with thanks the to amazing guys at generic gym chain”, go to the gym, put the phone down and we’ll talk to you later.

6: Snapchatting While Driving

snapchat driving fail

Please, please stop doing this one.

Not because I care about your life in any meaningful way, but because I don’t want you plowing into me, ending my existence because you just couldn’t wait to put a gas dog filter on.

“She died doing what she loved, filtering and editing her life to appear better than all her friends.”

There has to be better eulogies than that.

7: Lack of Transparency

Panama Papers

One thing people don’t like is being manipulated or deceived.

We’ve seen the ramifications of not declaring where your financial interests lie with the revelations of the Panama Papers. Angry protests have occurred and heads of state have fallen.

Snapchatters (probably won’t cause as much social unrest) are often paid significant amounts of money to review products and go to events. Making money is perfectly fine, I think everyone would obviously agree with that.

However, not being open about it, that’s a problem. Brands are buying good will to manipulate and influence people to buy their products. Snapchatters and bloggers are deceiving their audiences and selling the trust they have built up to the highest bidder.

It’s gotten so bad that bloggers and Snapchatters must now inform their followers of commercial interests, but how the hell do you regulate that?

You can’t and that why brands love these individuals.

Sneaky Snapchatters are going to lose a lot of credibility over the next few years. Easily rectified if they were to just come out and say

“Hey you guys, so this brand paid me a fuck ton of money to promote this hunk of shite. It’s grand, get it if you want. I don’t really care, I’ve to go to a launch of a thing with a free ton of booze and hookers.”.

8: Being A Narcissistic C*nt

Snapchat selfish

Snapchat has turned into the most self centred, ego driven, narcissistic platform out there. Next time your going through your stories, pay attention to the amount of times ‘I’, ‘My’, ‘Me’ or some other alternative word relating to the self is used.

It’s a selfish greedy platform, personified by it’s founder Evan Spiegel turning down $3 billion dollars from Facebook.

Because you know, $3 billion just isn’t what it used to be.

It’s hard to like someone who constantly goes on about themselves. How come you never ask how I am?! ?

The beauty of social is it creates a 2 way conversation. Snapchat is creating cult leaders that talk at you, tell you to buy X and have forgotten the value in intimacy and privacy.

Not every single minute detail of your life needs to be shared. 

And for that reason, I’m out.


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