The 10 Most Hilarballs Tracks On Spotify

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The 10 Most Hilarballs Tracks On Spotify

[bd_dropcap]S[/bd_dropcap]o, I  bumped into one of my sister’s friends on the way home to other night on the train. Spotify came up. I have of course heard about the service, but never actually signed up or downloaded it or whatever…

Anyway, I went home that night and checked it out and got my 2 day free trial on my phone and realised that it’s FREE on my laptop.

(Free meaning that just as you’re getting into your Best of the 80’s playlist, a poxy ad for Heineken interrupts you while you’re trying to get into the Danger Zone.)

So I started having a route around to see what comedy could be found on the service. And boom, below is my list of the [bd_themecolor]10 Most Hilarballs Tracks[/bd_themecolor] you can find on the service – and what’s even funnier about this list?!?! There’s actually 11 songs! Hahahahah – okay I know that’s not funny but fuck you.

There are a good few stand up comedians on Spotify (There really needs to be a whole lot more), but I thought I’d keep this first list to more musical comedians/comedy.

What ever happened to Weird Al Yankovic anyway..?

How To Embed The Player

If you run a site or a blog, it’s incredibly easy to embed the player onto your site.

Now, I’d explain exactly how to do it, or you could just head over to the Spotify Player Button instruction thingy and do it from there. (It’s stupid easy.)

Now, as of writing this, I’m after running into a slight problem – [bd_themecolor]I can’t appear to get rid of the chunk of empty space at the bottom of the plugin[/bd_themecolor]. #SadFace

If you happened to know how to do it, that would be great – I’ve tried changing the height in the html, but when I do, it changes the width. They appear to be locked in some sort of agreement that if one changes, the other will go with them.

But yeah, if you know of any hilarious tracks I’ve left out, drop a line – and obviously, if you know the craic with the bottom of the plugin, come say hi…  😉

P.S – I’ll be doing a few minutes tonight (December 8th) in The International. Doors 8:45!