Joke Of The Day #2 | Horse Problems

Comedian Cormac Moore Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day number 2. Today an original and keep in mind, I never said these would be fantastic – in fact, I think I’ll strive to make them as f*cking bad as possible ;). #Banter

Why was the horse sad? 🙁

He couldn’t find a stable relationship.

Cormac Moore

Joke of the Day will be back tomorrow. I’m working on one about a bear. It’ll be mind blowing. 😉

Found the sad horse image here.

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1000 Shares On Facebook?! Amazing Right?! Wrong…

Cormac Moore Comedian Ireland

As you can see from the picture above, this image got over 1000 shares on Facebook and an absolutely huge reach. One of the best or most successful images I’ve ever posted.

I have to say, my ego absolutely loved this. Loads of likes, comments and a ridiculous amount of shares. People liked something that I put up so much that they were willing to share it! Yaaaaaaay for me!

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