Joke Of The Day #13 | Why Did The Doctor Lose His Temper?

Joke of the day - why did the doctor lose his temper?

And we’re up to unlucky number 13. Today’s joke is for the medical professional. It’s not too medical, like I’m not making any jokes about T Cells or cytokines or anything, because they’re just not funny.

Why did the doctor lose his temper?

Because he had no patients.

Cormac Moore

Amazing – although I’m pretty sure that a very obvious joke and sure some other comedian has conjured up something very similar or exactly the same at some stage.

So, if you’ve heard or seen a similar gag before, I do and don’t apologise at the same time. It’s a pretty easy one to come up with when you think about it.

More jokes coming tomorrow.

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Joke of the Day #8 | Where Did The Beauty Therapist Go…?

joke of the day

Joke of the Day number 8.

If we could graph these jokes they would be on a steady downward curve, but that could in fact be making them even better. Because they’re terrible.

Maybe it’s actually time to change the title of these to “Terrible Joke of The Day.”

Where did the beauty therapist go to sort things out with her boyfriend? 🙁

The make up counter. 🙂

Cormac Moore

The Comedy Cellar

I’ll be doing a few minutes tonight at The Comedy Cellar’s Xmas party and lucky for you I won’t be doing any of these one liners 😉

There will be loads of comedians on tonight doing a few minutes to help wrap up things for the longest running comedy club in 2013.

It’s on in the International Bar this evening and more details can be found on the Comedy Cellar’s Facebook Page.

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