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Here’s the voicemail that I left for “entertainment” website, after they claimed that Jay Z and Beyoncé put Ireland on the map after having a strong around the Phoenix Park.

I honestly had no idea it would clock up so many hits – and if I’m honest it was done in a rush because myself and Daniella Moyles were rushing to prep the show for the night and everyone else we tried to prank just hung up on us.

Also, every site and paper that featured the story claimed that I’m a DJ. I’m not. At all – presenter yes, DJ no. 😉

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Joke of The Day #9 | What Do You Call…?

Joke of the day | Cormac Moore Comedian

Joke of the Day number 8.

What do you call an Austrian man covered in white lemonade?

A White Wine Fritzer.

Cormac Moore

While out the back of the notorious Hive, a residence in Dunboyne Castle and after consuming some beverages and herbal remedies, smoeone was pouring 7 Up into wine.

The punch line came first, it was a case of working the set up right. I’m not sure if the set up should include something about wine, or is it alright as it?!

Hmmmmmm, more jokes of the day tomorrow.

Yay for jokes.


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Joke Of The Day #5 | What Game Do Kittens Love To Play?

Joke of the day - kittens

Joke of the day #5. 

I couldn’t go too long online without doing something about cats. I’m pretty sure there’s a site somewhere that’s just dedicated to cat jokes.

(I went and checked there’s and there’s a site called, but it doesn’t seem too funny)

What game do kittens love to play?

Chinese whiskers.

Cormac Moore

More Jokes of the Day tomorrow. Got a good one, send it in and remember to share the horrific jokes with friends and family.


Cute kitten image found here.

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Can Google Analytics Tell You What’s Funny?

Cormac Moore ComedianAs a stand up comedian, I’m used to real time feed back. Not from behind a computer screen looking at numbers jumping around the place, but actual real time feedback. From people sitting only a few feet in front of you, deciding on whether or not they think you’re funny.

Sometimes they don’t think you’re funny and the feedback is instant. And delivered through silence. Cold, hard, awkward silence, that for some reason has the magical ability to slow down time. :/

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