Justine Stafford Talks Horrific Stand Up Gigs

Justine Stafford Comedian

Comedian and head meme maker for Joe.ie Justine Stafford was recently on Room 104 to talk about some of her worst gigs ever –  and if I’m being honest, these were great.

There is nothing more horrific standing on stage when it’s all going wrong. Comedy is such a personal and vulnerable medium and when things are going bad and the crowd don’t connect with you, you quickly start to hate yourself, feel ostracized from the room you’re in and just want to spend a week under a blanket with a bottle of gin.

Justine’s worst performance was so bad that she might have needed a month in bed to recover, because she wound up tripping up and falling flat on her face in front of a sold out crowd at the International Comedy Club.

Not a great start to any performance.

However, she did manage to turn things around, pick herself back up and soldiered on. And while slowly starting to feel a bit better about herself and her life choices, then spots a former ex/Tinder date sitting in the crowd with another woman. Scandal.

Comedy can be cruel at times. Almost as cruel as the kids who then tripped her up on the Luas on the way home after the gig. A truly horrific end to a horrific night of comedy.

It’s not all sadness, heart break and failure though, Justine recently made her national TV debut on Ray Darcy’s new comedy awards show that aired recently, along with 3 others. She’s regularly performing around the Dublin comedy clubs and can be found on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Justine Stafford My Worst Gig

My Worst Gig is a weekly feature on FM104 where some of the best comedians around share their worst experiences on stage. It’s far more entertaining and funny than talking about their best ones. Who wants to hear about those? Correct, absolutely no one.

For more interviews with comedians like Ross Noble, Daniel Sloss, Chris Kent and Karl Spain, you can check out the Room 104 podcast on all the usual podcast platforms.

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Republic Of Telly | The 5 Most Watched Videos Of 2013

Republic of Telly most watched 2013

What have been the most watched viral videos from the Republic of Telly in 2013? Now, on closer inspection, this list includes the latest series with Kevin McGahern as main man AND the videos from the end of the previous series featuring Dermot Whelan.

We’re looking at the year here and not the series, so if you have a problem with that, well, there’s not a lot I can do for you.

The top 5 videos from The Republic of Telly this year have clocked up more than 4 million views, which is impressive given our population and that most other countries often don’t get our humour at all. Because they’re saps.

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Joke Of The Day #13 | Why Did The Doctor Lose His Temper?

Joke of the day - why did the doctor lose his temper?

And we’re up to unlucky number 13. Today’s joke is for the medical professional. It’s not too medical, like I’m not making any jokes about T Cells or cytokines or anything, because they’re just not funny.

Why did the doctor lose his temper?

Because he had no patients.

Cormac Moore

Amazing – although I’m pretty sure that a very obvious joke and sure some other comedian has conjured up something very similar or exactly the same at some stage.

So, if you’ve heard or seen a similar gag before, I do and don’t apologise at the same time. It’s a pretty easy one to come up with when you think about it.

More jokes coming tomorrow.

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Joke Of The Day #12 | What Do You Get If You Mix A Masters…?

Joke of the day Cormac Moore

Joke of the day number 12. One for the office. It’s meant to be a joke, but it’s unfortunately kinda true. :/ 

What do you get if you mix a masters degree with 5 years industry experience?

An internship.

Cormac Moore

Any suggestions for terribly bad jokes drop a comment below 😉

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