Snapchat and Fashion Bloggers | Cormac With Chris and Ciara | iRadio

Cormac Moore Stand Up Comedian

Every Monday I chat to Chris Greene and Ciara King over on iRadio about some of the latest breaking Irish news stories.

On this latest episode, we talk about how Snapchat founder Evan Spiegal is the dumbest person on earth after he refused a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook and talk about how a large majority of Irish fashion bloggers have a horrific sense of style.

The show goes live at 10pm every monday evening and you can listen online here.


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Sminky Shorts – 5 Of The Best

Sminky Shorts

I remember heading down to my mates ages ago and all of them were going on about some lad that was “Shtone mad for speeeed”. Hadn’t a breeze what they were on about, until I was introduced to the world of Sminky Shorts.

Randomly hilarious, here are 3 of my favourite ones. Now, if I’ve gone and left out any glaringly obvious ones, let me know! We can always do a part 2!

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