Comedian Riffing With Crowd In International Comedy Club Dublin

A recent few minutes from the International Comedy Club Dublin. Always an amazing crowd and now they even have a microphone. You may not care, but this is huge for comedians who gig their.ย 

The place was so packed, people had to be seated on the stage. So I thought I’d get to know the guys a bit better and have a chat with them. It’s an insanely good room to play, if you’ve yet to go, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s the mecca of Irish comedy.

The International Comedy Club Dublin runs Thursday to Sunday. There’s 2 shows on Fridays and Saturdays and all details can be found on their website. I’ll be there again soon and if you want to check out more confirmed dates you can check out upcoming gigs here.

Also, feel free to join me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and say hi.

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Brian Gallagher Gigged In Front Of A Small Crowd of Racists

Brian Gallagher Comedian

Irish comedian Brian Gallagher was my guest on this week’s episode of My Worst Gig. He shared a beautiful story about gigging in small Irish town that were apparently a little bit racist. Which must have been awkward.ย 

Brian has done the Vodafone Comedy Festival and comedy tent at Electric Picnic and runs the Riff Raff comedy club in the Chelsea Drug Store too.

He’s also a regular contributor to the hugely successful TRY channel on YouTube.

You can listen to the full interview below or subscribe to the Room 104 podcast whenever you get your podcasts from.

You can stalk Brian online on his Twitter and Instagram Too.


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Interview With Tom The Bear O’Mahony

Damo ivro tarquin

On FRQ FM this week, I chatted to comedian and Damo and Ivor cast member Tom The Bear O’Mahony about the TV series and his up and coming stand up show in Tallaght.

You can listen back here.

Tom has his own solo stand up show which he is taking around the country, the first one on 11th of January in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght.

Sure follow Tom here on his Twitter and Facebook.


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Sminky Shorts – 5 Of The Best

Sminky Shorts

I remember heading down to my mates ages ago and all of them were going on about some lad that was “Shtone mad for speeeed”. Hadn’t a breeze what they were on about, until I was introduced to the world of Sminky Shorts.

Randomly hilarious, here are 3 of my favourite ones. Now, if I’ve gone and left out any glaringly obvious ones, let me know! We can always do a part 2!

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