What Can Georgia Salpa Teach You About Digital Marketing?

Georgia Salpa Bikini

Is this just an excuse to look at pictures of Georgia Salpa. Yes. 

But bear with me here and I’ll be able to spin this into something related to digital marketing that will slightly justify Georgia’s inclusion in this post.


How much of a reach does the Irish model have online? Well, on Facebook, she has more than 246,000 fans, on Twitter 237,000 and on Instagram, 126,000. Not bad for someone who just stands for a living.

Now, if you’re familiar with my stand up material or content on The Potato, you’ll know that I like to take the complete piss out of models. Because, when you think about it, modelling is nothing more than standing and doing nothing. 

Try it there for yourself. Stand up and do nothing for a moment. If you can successfully do that, congratulations, you’ve got what it takes to be a model! (If you want to be a SUPER model, all you have to do is perfect walking in a straight line!).

Anyway, many companies and businesses would love the absolutely huge reach that Ms Salpa has.

Georgia Salpa Facebook

This picture with nothing more than #TeaPot added to it, got more than 1000 likes, 18 shares and nearly 40 comments  in 25 minutes. She is putting all your marketing efforts to shame.


She’s the best in her industry. The majority of people agree with that statement.

Whatever your thoughts are about modelling and the sexual objectification of women etc etc,  Georgia Salpa is arguably the best looking Irish model there is. (Probably because she doesn’t really look that Irish.)

In the modelling industry, your judged on how you look. She looks the best. Simple. She’s the clear market leader.

Thank you genetics, exercise and a good diet too.

Market leaders also benefit from garnering the attention from other media outlets, be them offline or online. This increases the number of routes that people can find and discover you, making your job as a marketer easier.

Want more attention online? Well, be the best. (Or hire Georgia for a sexy photoshoot to help launch a product. Easy.)

Oh Yeah…

Also, I’ve created this post to highlight how people love to click on celebrity related content – especially in Ireland. We’re inherently nosy.

Any time I post anything about a Irish model of celebrity on The Potato, the traffic spikes. People won’t generally share the articles, but they do want to read them.

Keep that in mind for creating content. How can you incorporate a celebrity name into your content, that fits with your message and your brand?

It will increase the traffic to your site. Do this when there’s a current or topical story about them in the media and you’ve just increased your chances of creating a piece that has a strong potential of going viral.




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