Program Your Unconscious With A Guided Demotivational Meditation

Every wanted to take your procrastination and demotivation to the next level? Have you ever felt like doing nothing, achieving little and not getting out of your comfort zone?

After realising that there was nothing on Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest to fill this need, I decided to create the world’s first demotivational meditation.

It’s a guided meditation, designed to program your unconscious to attract more demotivation into your life, so when you’re faced with an impending challenge, you turn and say “well fuck this” to yourself.

The Power of Demotivation

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most demotivating people on the planet. People who were so negative and pessimistic about their entire existence that I would have been an idiiot not to become more aware of their secrets.

I’ve finally distilled those secrets into this power audio experience, so that you can become more demotivated than ever before.





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