Why Delivering Condoms To Enda Kenny Didn’t Work

This is a case study in online failure. 

A little over a year ago, I launched what I hoped would become a viral campaign online. It was the height of  the recession and harsh budget cuts were on the way.

Families were facing tighter financial times and students were getting smashed over the head by lads on horses.

I thought there might be an opportunity to do something that would strike a chord with the Irish public and take the piss out of Enda Kenny.

Seemed like a solid idea at the time. 

The plan was simple: Launch a campaign that would result in thousands of condoms being delivered to Enda Kenny, with a subtle message  that if you’re going to screw us, at least wear a condom.

Comedian Cormac MooreParody

The campaign was a parody on the insanely successful Kony 2012 campaign – although in that same year, the founder of the Kony 2012 campaign, had a nervous breakdown and decided to mental in the streets of San Fran, completely naked.

The idea was to get people to like the Kondoms4Kenny Facebook page and for every like that the page got, one condom would be added to the batch to be delivered.

The goal was to get 10,000 likes, so that I could deliver 10,000 condoms to Mr Kenny.

A got a fancy new site, a launch campaign video some branding and a press release together.

Did it take off?

When I was putting it together, I thought it would generate some real interest. I honestly thought it might catch and get some online momentum and I’d wake up the morning after I launched it and there would be 100k fans for it on Facebook.

It didn’t though.

The campaign got about 500 or so likes, but I couldn’t convince a sponsor to get on-board to give me some condoms – I ultimately didn’t have the funds to purchase 10,000 condoms by myself. 🙁

The campaign got some action online and got picked up by 98FM on one of their late night chat shows. But that was it.

Did I ever deliver the condoms? No. 🙁

What Would Have Worked Better

Looking back on the campaign, I think there would have been an easier way to generate hype about this.

I should have said nothing and just gone and delivered a few boxes of condoms to Enda Kenny.  

Rather than putting a ton of work into creating a campaign for this PR stunt, I should have just bought a couple of boxes, strapped a GoPro head cam on and just walked into the Dáil and delivered the condoms.

Or better still, I should have went to an event Enda Kenny was at and either offered them to him in front of the media, or just fired them at him and get myself arrested.

(Maybe even a terrible app that involved throwing condoms at a moving head of the Taoiseach?!)

That would have been worthy of the media’s attention. Not something I was going to do…

Anyway, lesson learned on this one – you won’t get attention for something controversial you’re planning on doing.




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