Interview With Tom The Bear O’Mahony

Damo ivro tarquin

On FRQ FM this week, I chatted to comedian and Damo and Ivor cast member Tom The Bear O’Mahony about the TV series and his up and coming stand up show in Tallaght.

You can listen back here.

Tom has his own solo stand up show which he is taking around the country, the first one on 11th of January in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght.

Sure follow Tom here on his Twitter and Facebook.


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Listen | Now That’s What I Call Funeral Hymns 48

Cormac Moore funeral hymns

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a family or friend this xmas, well then why not get your hands on “Now That’s What I Call Funeral Hymns 48“!

It’s a fantastic collection of the most depressing and miserable hymns you regularly hear at funerals, but the good thing is, now you don’t actually have to wait to go to a funeral to feel like absolute shite.


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Not The Real News, News On FRQ FM

Cormac Moore comedian FRQ FM

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you can hear the newest Not The Real News, News,  radio sketch that goes out live on FRQ FM.

Here’s the latest – talking study breaks from the library and Amanda Brunker knowing Nelson Mandela.

You can download the FRQ app on your smart phone, or listen to the station from anywhere in the world right here!

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Snapchat and Fashion Bloggers | Cormac With Chris and Ciara | iRadio

Cormac Moore Stand Up Comedian

Every Monday I chat to Chris Greene and Ciara King over on iRadio about some of the latest breaking Irish news stories.

On this latest episode, we talk about how Snapchat founder Evan Spiegal is the dumbest person on earth after he refused a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook and talk about how a large majority of Irish fashion bloggers have a horrific sense of style.

The show goes live at 10pm every monday evening and you can listen online here.


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