3 Of The Most Dangerous Headline Hacks Ever

Chances are, this headline caught your attention and if you’re reading this, then you clicked through. Excellent.

Thankfully, there’s nothing dangerous here. In fact, there’s nothing dangerous about headlines at all (unless they’re grossly offending a certain Islamic prophet, then yes, they are in fact very dangerous :/ ).

In this quick post, I’ll share 3 secrets to effective headlines and at the end, I’ll give you a great free eBook that’s packed with 52 template headline ideas – this ebook has made a world of difference in helping me create content on my site that gets noticed and clicked on.

Anyway, let’s crack on…

1: Sex

Cormac Moore Comedian Sex Sells

Sex sells. Sex sells offline incredibly well and sex also sells online (As I’m sure you’re aware of).

Sex is one of the most powerful forces in the brain, that marketers have hijacked for years to influence us to buy their crap. But you need to do it online too.

Think about it, when you go on a night out, looking to get the shift off a garda or a nurse, you pretty yourself up. You make yourself as appealing as you can  to try and attract the opposite sex.

And often, most of the time will be spent on making your head look better, specifically your hair and your face. You head is what people will notice and interact with most often (Yes, i know not always the case with drunk men, but lets not go their just yet…)

Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. 🙁

2: Emotional Responses

Cormac Moore ComedianWhen you look at your headlines, do they evoke a powerful emotional response? Are they threatening, dangerous, hilarious, offensive or insulting?

Because if they aren’t, chances are you’ve a terrible headline and no one will read the content you’ve just spent hours on. Shame on you. >:(

3: Lists

Cormac Moore Comedian talks about lists

List articles, or Listicles as they are becoming known, generally get more traffic and social media shares than any other form of traffic.

Order out of chaos is the angle here and if you can create a list article, you will get more traffic and more shares online – but please use sparingly.

If the entire Internet becomes one giant Buzzfeed, I think I’ll cry….


As promised, here’s the download link to the book by Jon Morrow’s 52 Headline Hacks – A Cheat Sheet For Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral.

Also, if you’ve any thoughts, ideas, comments or critisms, drop a comment and we can troll eachother online! 😉




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