Stand Up Comedy With Kim Jong Un

Cormac Moore North Korea Comedy Gig

Throwback to when I gigged in front of Kim Jong Un in a gym in North Korea. Pretty sure it was the first comedy gig in North Korea ever, which was nice. 

I kicked things off by telling him he had a girls name and that it was hilarious! He didn’t find it funny. Nor did any of his generals or military personal. He’s a bit of  tough cookie and not going to lie, it was a struggling trying to build the atmosphere back up from that.

A risky joke to open with that didn’t pay off in the end, but if you don’t chance it, you’ll never get those breaks. How I made it out safely from the country is a story for another time.

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Trump V Hillary – Whoever Wins, America Loses – Stand Up Comedy

Comedian Cormac Moore

Recorded in The Comedy Crunch Dublin as the presidential election results in the United States were just about to come out. A few minutes on the whole Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton saga.

More stand up comedy videos coming soon, along with a podcast that’s almost good to go! Stay connected on my Twitter and Facebook.

Talk soon.

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Whether You Believe You Can… | Inspirational Quote

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't

Some powerful words of inspiration to get you through those uncertain times.

Remember, you’re a rare and wonderful talent and the only thing holding you back is your chronic laziness.

But don’t fight it ever. No need to be at war with yourself when there’s such mayhem going on around the entire world.

Use these words of wisdom to motivate yourself to stay at peace with yourself.

Don’t fight your laziness, that would take too much effort anyway.

Accept who you are – a lazy fucking shit – and learn to love it. Learn to live it.


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