Instagram Pro Tip #1

Cormac Moore Comedian

Over on my Instagram account I’m delivering some rock solid pro tips if you really want to nail your execution on the platform. I also make sure to practice what I preach, you don’t want to be listening to people who talk a good game, but fail to put those wise words into action.

Take a look at the post below and watch your Instagram game explode.

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Stand Up Comedy With Kim Jong Un

Cormac Moore North Korea Comedy Gig

Throwback to when I gigged in front of Kim Jong Un in a gym in North Korea. Pretty sure it was the first comedy gig in North Korea ever, which was nice. 

I kicked things off by telling him he had a girls name and that it was hilarious! He didn’t find it funny. Nor did any of his generals or military personal. He’s a bit of  tough cookie and not going to lie, it was a struggling trying to build the atmosphere back up from that.

A risky joke to open with that didn’t pay off in the end, but if you don’t chance it, you’ll never get those breaks. How I made it out safely from the country is a story for another time.

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